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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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commuters are forced to wait and walking up the escalators at the foggy bottom metro. i'm lesli foster. not much of us like walking up a flight of stairs but as metro pours millions of dollars into renovations it is becoming a choice that riders really don't have a choice or much say there these days. our lindsey mastis is live there tonight and i understand this report card on metro shows the problems aren't getting much better? >> reporter: lesli, one of the biggest problems are with escalators. here at foggy bottom one is not working at all. the one coming up is working but the one going down is not. metro is also having issues with rail and bus service. rail car reliability is among the worsening problems reported by metro in may including problems with the doors at times causing delays. >> we usually don't notice it until we get on the train. so they are like we are stopping here for a few minutes
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and the few minutes turns into like seven. >> reporter: injuries to customers is also worse although the report indicates that it is only slightly. nothing like the incident that happened last october when metro escalators malfunctioned. there are more escalators out of service. according to the report 103 were out of service in may. today it is around 80. metro spokesman saying they expected that. >> many of those 82 are out of service not because they are broken but because we are rebuilding them. >> reporter: metro is spending $150 million on escalators alone and they put up new signs that give updates and details about the project. >> we are working on it. put a lid on it. i wish you would have taken the money from the signs and get this thing finished a lot faster. >> reporter: as for standards set by metro their goals change from time to time and this last
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report lowered the bar a bit. >> we haven't lowered standards to make our jobs easier, we have lowered standards -- we have lowered the goal because we are doing so much track work on the system. it is a short term reflection of reality. >> reporter: and according to the performance report which you can find online, they are also having problems with buses, many of them are late but probably no surprise. this report also shows some very good things with metro. one is that more elevators are working. also buses themselves, they are working better and metro employee injuries are down. that's despite the report saying they are working more hours. this report is going to be presented to the board tomorrow first thing in the morning. lesli, back to you. >> lindsey, thank you so much. by the way that report as she just mentioned is going to be reported first thing. the driver of the tour bus that crashed along i-95 in virginia in may says he is not
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guilty. he entered his plea in carolyn county on the involuntary manslaughter charges this morning. four people died when the sky express bus cheung was driving swerved off the road. a 23-year-old man is charged tonight with sexual assaulting a 4-year-old child. police in leesburg say brad minor knew the child through his work at the chesterbrook academy and they opened their investigation after a parent complained about comments the child made. in prince william county the mother accused of leaving her son to die in the family's minivan turned herself in today. karen murphy of bristow faces murder and child neglect charges. peggy fox was in the court today with just a heartbreaking story. peg. >> reporter: yes, lesli, the prosecutor said he decided to pursue charges against karen murphy in part because she made a similar mistake last january. today in court the 40-year-old mother of three looked sullen and sad. she and her husband were silent as they quickly walked from the
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courthouse to their vehicle. their only son died in her honda odyssey on june 17th. she had apparently forgotten to drop the 2-year-old child off at daycare and went to her vet job. he was left in the van for more than seven hours. his mother apparently didn't realize he was there until her husband called wondering why ryan wasn't at daycare. >> i don't know if she will be any better or worse from prosecution but one of the reasons we hope it will be a wakeup call for other people who may be inclined to not take care of their children. >> we will do everything we can legally to keep this family together and to keep the prosecutor and legal system from tearing this family apart because of what was obviously a very tragic accident. >> reporter: paul ebert said she did the same thing last january but a call from the daycare half an hour later reminded her ryan was still in the van.
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karen murphy faces a maximum of 40 years. in a similar case eight years ago kevin kelly of manassas was convicted after his 21-month- old daughter francis, the youngest of 13 children, died in a van. he received one day in jail every year for seven years and was ordered to do community service every year on his daughter's birthday. lesli? >> all right, peggy. thank you for that. the vw parkway is back open tonight after a speed enforcement camera operator got pretty much the scare of his life. he was working inside his camera vehicle when he was attacked by a man brandishing a shotgun and a hammer. scott broom has been on the scene all afternoon. scott, i mean, this is a bizarre case. is this man apparently still out there? >> reporter: yes, he is still on the loose and to hear police tell the story is he a real dangerous loose cannon kind of personality armed and screaming
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as this unfolded today right near the entrance to vwi airport. it happened about 11:30 this morning. the suspect emerging from the woods along the roadside where this speed enforcement trap was set up as usual with a worker inside the vehicle that had cameras on it. the maryland state police picking it up from there. >> he said that the individual went to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on the rear window with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point and began blowing his horn saying the individual came around to the front of the truck and began striking the front windshield with his hammer. >> reporter: now, the worker was not hurt. there were no shots fired. the suspect fled back into the woods. that prompted a huge manhunt. vw parkway was closed for about 3.5 hours. so far police have not found the suspect. they say is he in his 50s or
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60s. about 150 pounds. he was wearing a blue and red checked shirt and blue jeans. as for the motive, police don't know because they haven't caught him yet but it doesn't take a big leap of the imagination to think that he has got a huge problem of some kind with speed cameras but unlike the rest of us, he went through some pretty big extremes today. reporting live along the vw parkway near the airport scott broom, 9news now. >> hope they find him soon. scott, thank you. here is a commuter alert for you tonight ahead of tomorrow morning's drive. right after the morning commute the dc department of transportation will close branch avenue on either side of pennsylvania avenue southeast and that is so crews can rebuild that part of the road. if the weather cooperates branch avenue will stay closed until monday morning at 5 a.m. after 28 years in the business, one of the district's most popular dance clubs is closed. apex nightclub's general manager moeed on his facebook page that the club's last night of business was saturday.
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the bar was popular with college students and members of the gay and lesbian community. a unique safety option to help you not speed or drive aggressively. the high and low today. clouds keeping temperatures down a little bit. still kind of muggy out here. 86 the high. not bad. but 77 was the low. 103 was the record high you might remember back in 1999. we will come back and talk about where the storms will be. first, the president sends a tweet and then answers some of yours. more from his twitter town hall just ahead.
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right now with a consumer alert about an item that gives children hours of outdoor fun
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but 240,000 swing sets are being recalled. if you have an adventure play set wooden swing set you want to check the wood. the wood on parts of the fort in some of the models can weaken due to rotting and then children can fall. the company has gotten about 500 complaints regarding this problem and one child did fall when the ladder gave way. these play sets were sold at stores all across the country including toys are us and wal- mart so you want to contact adventure play sets for a free repair kit. jobs, education, mortgages and of course the debt limit were all hot topics during the first presidential town hall meeting in history conducted in 140 characters or less. twitter by the way. you've heard that congress is working against an august 2nd deadline to raise the death ceiling but one participant thinks the president should take it out of their hands. >> from out of atlanta, mr. president, will you issue
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something? >> i don't think we should get to the constitution. congress has a responsibility to make sure we pay our bills. >> the president answered the questions verbally without a time limit and the questions were selected based on which ones were trending the most popular with twitter users. still to come. a popular place to park is about to disappear. we will tell you what you need to know before you head to downtown bethesda. รบ
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>> ranking our city number 1 in environmental governance and number 8 as one of the greenest cities in north america. >> it is a big honor for the district on the green front the city is one of just three east coast cities in the top 10 of the new study commissionedded. cities were assessed in nine categories including how much energy they consumed and
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transportation. well, bit of an about-face for dc's mayor speaking out about the plans to extend metro out to dulles airport. so the mayor says he no longer supports an underground station at the airport and he is urging the three members of the airport board from the district to switch their votes as well. mayor gray saying it will be too expensive. gridlock is being predicted in alexandria this fall but tomorrow metro will start to discuss plans to create bus lines between them. talking about service between the springfield station and fort bellvoir. once that base realignment is complete more than 20,000 people will work at fort bellvoir and another 6000 at mark center. bethesda is going to have to say goodbye to a parking lot this fall. the capital crescent on
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woodmont avenue right across the street from barnes & noble will be gone. it comes after montgomery county award a developer the right to build to mixed use buildings in its place. 1400 parking spaces will be built underground and the underground garage is expected to be completed in the summer of 2013. >> we got a full rollover. now, if you look -- an important demonstration today on the consequences of speeding and aggressive driving. officers with the smooth operator campaign made it clear that not many people walk away from rollover crashes like this. >> as rollovers and roadway departures were primary factors in 67% of all fatal crashes in maryland in 2009. the safety of our roadways and those that travel on them is of paramount concern.
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>> police also want you to know that officers are looking out for reckless and aggressive drivers this summer. and if they catch you they will certainly try to prosecute you. take it easy out there. muggy, not hot. only 86 today but muggy. >> one of those days. >> we have a few showers. very light. and they are moving ever so slowly away from southern maryland now across the northern neck and just barely touching the southern tip of st. mary's county. that's rest of us will be okay. i think the ballgame will be fine. 86 downtown. 82 in manassas. still 90 in leesburg. 90 in martinsburg and 91 out in hagerstown. our summer pattern will persist. muggy with possible storms tonight. hot and humid tomorrow. afternoon storms again tomorrow. and even a better chance of thunderstorms on friday. in fact, thursday night and friday may be the best chance
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for storms as the front is pretty much on top of us. for tonight again, we will keep the chance of a thunderstorm in. mainly early. more to the south and east. temperatures between 68 and 74. another muggy night. winds southwest at 10. lows tonight then looking at 69 in rockville but inside the beltway and downtown low to mid-70s. it will be a little bit on the muggy side. 74 downtown. 71 in colleges park. 70 in fort bellvoir. maybe 69 in fairfax. 70 though in reston. and 70 out in sterling. tomorrow morning, becoming partly cloudy and warm. we should stay dry tomorrow morning. i know we had showers this morning. i think we will be dry for the commute. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. air quality goes to code yellow. moderate air quality. and an improvement over today's air quality which is code orange. by afternoon though partly cloudy and hot with thunderstorms. some heavy. some severe. high temperatures in the low 90s. winds turned a little bit east- northeast at about 10. so highs downtown 91.
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even 90 in college park. i think rockville and even gaithersburg will hit 90. 92 in waldorf. probably 90 or 91 in fairfax, reston and sterling. here is the deal. 68 to 74 to start. 82 to 86 by lunchtime so it will be plenty warm by lunchtime. 87 to 92 by evening. humid. best chance of thunderstorms will be in the afternoon. now the next three days. cooler on friday. or at least not as hot but that's just because of more cloud cover and much better chance for showers and storms. we are back in the mid-80s. right back up to 90 on saturday. maybe a shower in the morning. next seven days. sunday we are going to still be hot. we will keep it dry for now. low 90s. 95 on monday. we will also keep that dry. but then by the time we get to tuesday pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms and anything that develops next week could be on the hefty side. keep you posted on that. low 90s tuesday. right now we will keep wednesday dry.
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>> thank you very much. and we have got a home grown capitol? >> yes. if this is montreal this probably isn't that big of a deal. apparently you can go home. local son potomac native talking about coming back to the team of his childhood dreams. plus, they call him the human home run and you will see why in 9sports next. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. of all of the kids who have grown up going to capitals games one day dreaming of playing for the team only one guy has done it. jeff halpren became the team captain. pretty neat local story. now that story has a second chapter. he left the caps in 2006 rejoined the team this week signing a one-year free agent deal to come home. he played his pee wee hockey for the little caps in fairfax. so after spending last year in montreal when the chance arose to come back home jeff jumped. >> i have always kind of hoped to come back to washington and the fact that they called i was so happy. it is a place i have great memories playing here and, yes, i jumped on the opportunity to
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come back. >> they also locked up troy brauer today. on the flip side capitals let jason arnett to leave the team to go to st. louis. mark guyer, barry bonds, joe torre and bud selig all testifying in federal court. how does that sound for a baseball nightmare? a nightmare that could come true now. all of those names were on a potential witness list as the roger clemens perjury trial opened today in u.s. district court in dc. seven-time cy young award winning is accused of lying to congress about his alleged steroid use. jury selection began today. one juror was asked if she was a baseball fan she answered "i can't imagine spending money to watch guys scratch themselves and spit a lot." she probably will not be on the
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jury. nats. less than 24 hours to get the slugging first baseman on the all-star team. he is one of five players included on the online final vote as they call it. shane victorino is in the lead. you can vote and stuff the ballot box. saturday the pirates, tonight chicago. nats are 44-43, just seven out of the wild card. the u.s. women's soccer team was already into the world cup quarterfinals so why did anybody care if they beat sweden today? one word. brazil. the team that won today would avoid brazil in the quarter. the team that lost today would play brazil. u.s. and sweden both 2-0 coming in. 35th minuting sweden's free kick goes off the u.s. defender and goes in. second half a goal for the u.s.
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a header here. u.s. falls 2-1 meeting brazil friday. anybody know how the skiing is in south korea? we will all find out in seven years. pyeongchang awarded the 2018 olympics. they call dave smith the human home run. how did he get the nickname? well, like this. dave goes to ballparks around the country launching himself out of a cannon and over. you can't see him under the words there. he is going over the outfield fence for a home run then he takes a bow. a tough way to make a living but i figure it is better than being the human ground rule double because that would hurt a little bit. >> totally proving age is just a number. 69 and doing that. >> but to me that is dumb at any age. don't shoot yourself out of a cannon. >> he is having great fun. that's what it is all about. >> is he in show business.
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>> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next and derek will see you at 7 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: